Shelly Long and Matt Dillon made an appearance on the Modern Family last night and stirred up some real trouble for their ex-es Jay and Claire. Shelly plays DeDe Pritchett, Mitchell and Claire’s mother.

She arrives along with Matt Dillon, who plays Robbie Sullivan, a limo driver and Claire’s high-school sweet-heart, and this leads to obvious revisiting of Claire’s misspent youth. Claire tries to tide over the crisis with generous helpings of wine. Matt Dillon plays the aging boyfriend perfectly with a bushy wig, an earring and constant six-packs in hand. Claire even catches her mother making out with him in the limo.

Shelly earlier appeared in Jay and Gloria’s wedding episode. With her slightly crazy antics, acid-tongued wit and unpredictability, everyone waits with bated breath for her to do something and she does. She goes for Gloria who is saved by dear Phil.

The 61-year-old Shelly Long has always chosen her TV appearances with care and her portrayal of DeDe just teases the viewers enough to await her next appearance.

Shelly has been best known for her portrayal of Diane Chambers in ‘Cheers’. She later appeared in some of the Brady movies and even co-starred with Tom Cruise in ‘Losin it’. Her film list includes Ron Howard’s ‘Night Shift’, ‘Irreconcilable Differences’, ‘Trust Me’ and ‘Frozen Assets’. She has made TV appearances in Frasier, MASH, Boston Legal and Sabrina The Teenage Witch. She has won a slew of awards which include an Emmy and two Golden Globes for Cheers.