Indiana father Shelly Miller attacked his daughter's assistant middle school basketball coach after the coach made her run laps at practice.

According to WSBT, the assistant girls' basketball coach at St. Stanislaus School, Jeffrey Yackus, punished Miller's daughter and another player for arguing during practice by making them run laps in the school gym.

When Miller's daughter told him about the punishment as he picked her up from practice, he immediately punched Yakus in the face.

The first punch knocked Yakus to the ground, allowing Miller to climb on top of him and repeatedly punch him until he was unconscious.

The head coach of the team, Robert Johnson, intervened and pulled Miller off of Yakus and then helped take Yakus to the hospital, where he was treated for a concussion.

Miller was arrested on Class C felony battery charges and held on $15,000 bail, which he posted a few days later.

Yakus told WSBT he is speaking with an attorney.

The school terminated all affiliation with Miller's daughter and the rest of the family.