Sheryl Sandberg did not issue a public statement immediately after news broke that her husband Dave Goldberg, the SurveyMonkey CEO, died suddenly Friday night at age 47. But the chief operating officer of Facebook called Goldberg her “true partner” in her book “Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead."

"Having a true partner like Dave is still far too rare. While we expect women to be nurturing, we don’t have the same expectations of men," Sandberg said, as ABC News reported.

Sandberg is considered one of the most powerful women in Silicon Valley, but through her partnership with Goldberg, she was able to simultaneously thrive in the workplace and at home.

"People frequently pull me aside to ask sympathetically, 'How is Dave? Is he okay with, you know, all your [whispering] success?'" Sandberg wrote. "Dave is far more self-confident than I am, and given his own professional success, these comments are easy for him to brush off.”

Before Goldberg's death, Sandberg wrote that she looked forward to figuring out how to raise her two teenagers with him. "Many of my friends have told me that teenage children require more time from their parents. Every stage of life has its challenges," she wrote. "Fortunately, I have Dave to figure it out with me. He's the best partner I could imagine."

There’s not much chance she will post a message soon on social media. She hasn’t used Twitter since 2013 and her personal Facebook page doesn't have "any posts to show," even though she has nearly 1.5 million followers. Instead, Facebook shows a standard company bio when Sandberg’s name is searched.

Her Instagram account is pretty active and last week she posted a photo of a stand that sells fried Oreos. "Who knew this was even possible," she wondered. Hundreds of her 49,800 followers liked the image. 

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg announced Goldberg's death in a post Saturday. The cause of death was not immediately released, but he reportedly collapsed at a gym while exercising on vacation in Mexico.

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