We know that the shiatsu massage came from the Japanese culture and originated from the Chinese culture and Taoism. However, little is known about the treatment of shiatsu because it is still considered relatively new in many areas of the country. What we do know about the treatments is that even though the shiatsu treatment is a derivative of the popular acupuncture, the two are still different.

Shiatsu treatments are delivered directly to the skin and encourage metabolism to peek and stimulates the blood vessels and skin cells. The treatments offer people who are prone to fluid retention the opportunity to relieve fluid build up and provide healthy detoxification of the pores.

The process of shiatsu treatments enable the recipient the opportunity to ward off illness and offers to help fight infection as well as offer healing to the muscular and skeletal systems. The treatment of shiatsu enables people the opportunity to fight nervous problems and treat nerve endings while improving skeletal vices too.

Shiatsu helps rejuvenate the skin, internal organs and external extremities. The person who delivers shiatsu incorporates the findings studied within the realm of acupuncture and incorporates their own beliefs too. For instance, the shiatsu recipient is thought to be battling mental or spiritual difficulties long before the physical symptoms occur. Often a patient of shiatsu is so stress-ridden that just the fact that they can rid themselves of stressors can enable the person to find what it is that they are looking for within a treatment such as shiatsu. 

When shiatsu is used as an alternative form of medicine, it can relieve things such as a stiff shoulder, lower back pain, headache, high blood pressure, menopause, constipation, liver and kidney problems and so much more. The recipient of shiatsu will find that they can go on with their daily lives after a treatment and find ways to discover a better mental awareness and clarity. Most recipients enjoy the treatments of shiatsu over those treatments received in acupuncture. 

Shiatsu is used to help treat patients who are terminally ill who don't have the opportunity to help themselves so instead turn to the hands of a shiatsu practitioner. The massages help the recipient learn to relax and help the recipient help themselves through the massage techniques used. Shiatsu is finding its place in the world of healing and in the world of health and wellness. The world of health and wellness welcomes the shiatsu practice world wide. 

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