The distressing case of Jamey Rodemeyer--the 14-year-old N.Y. boy, who committed suicide last month, after living a life of struggle fighting off peers who harassed him for being homosexual--has directed national attention to the rampant school bullying.

Star Trek actor Zachary Quinto, who came out as a gay man, following the incident said that he was inspired to do so after being struck by indescribable despair by the tragic suicide of a bullied teenager.

In yet another shocking case of school bullying, an Ohio mother is seeking justice after her 15-year-old gay son, who was brutally beaten at Union-Scioto High School in front of his classmates by another student.

Rebecca Collins, the gay teen's mother has uploaded a video of the assault shot with mobile phone camera by another student, on YouTube. The video shows a classroom full of students watching a student beating up another, without trying to break up the assault.

The attacker has received a three-day suspension, which according to Collins, isn't enough. She said she will pursue the law enforcement to make sure that her son, who suffered a possible concussion and a chipped tooth in the attack, can lead a normal life.