Acitivision may have canned its Guitar Hero and DJ Hero series, but the company may not be able to quit the music genre just yet.

Kotaku reports that Activision has begun work on its next title in the genre, titled Dance Hero, which will likely take advantage of the motion controls of the Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii.

Activision applied for the trademark in 2008, long before las month's announcement that the company was discontinuing its Guitar Hero and DJ Hero series. The news came as Activision reported lackluster sales of the third entry in the Guitar Hero franchise.

U.S. music game revenue dropped to less than $250 million as of October of last year, compared to 2008 sales of $1.7 billion. During its fourth quarter 2010 earnings call, Activision Blizzard executives noted that the demand for peripheral-based music games had dropped below profitable levels. 

Companies like Ubisoft, however, have seen continued success with the genre. Earlier today the company announced that its dance game Just Dance 2 surpassed the 10 million units sold mark. Similarly, Dance Central, the Xbox Kinect title developed by Harmonix, was the best-selling Kinect title soon after its release.

According to Kotaku, tracks from artists Jay Sean, The Prodigy, Timbaland, and Afrojack are expected to be included Activision's dance title.  

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