World's first serial hybrid electric aircraft was unveiled at the Paris Air Show, Le Bourget 2011. The DA36 E-Star aircraft is developed and designed by EADS and Siemens, with the goal of reducing noise and emissions by 25%.

The DA36 E-Star, a two-seater motor glider aircraft which is based on hybrid electric drive concept is showcased at the Paris air show, the statement said.

According to EADS, the motor glider, which is based on Diamond Aircraft's HK36 Super Dimona, is the only aircraft of its kind in the world. The plane's propeller is powered by a 70kW electric motor from Siemens.

With electromobility spreading to aircraft, the technology of the series hybrid electric drive being scalable, it is expected that it would be used in small and medium-sized aircraft and, in the medium term, larger planes and thus make air travel a greener proposition.

Air traffic accounts for some 2.2 per cent of CO2 emissions worldwide.  One possible solution - which Siemens and its partners Diamond Aircraft and EADS are testing in the DA36 E-Star motor glider - is to electrify the drive system.