Air Show

An air show is an event at which aviators display their flying skills and the capabilities of their aircraft to spectators in aerobatics. Air shows without aerobatic displays, having only aircraft displayed parked on the ground, are called "static air shows". 

Some air shows are held as a business venture or as a trade event where aircraft, avionics and other services are promoted to potential customers. Many air shows are held in support of local, national or military charities. Military air firms often organise air shows at military airfields as a public relations exercise to thank the local community, promote military careers and raise the profile of the military. 

Air show "seasons" vary around the world. Whereas the United States enjoys a long season that generally runs from March to November, other areas often have much shorter seasons. The European season usually starts in late April or Early May and is usually over by mid October. The Middle East, Australia and New Zealand hold their events between January and March. However, for many acts the "off season" does not mean a period of inactivity, they use time for maintenance and practice. 

The type of displays seen at an event are constrained by a number of factors, including the weather and visibility. Most aviation authorities now publish rules and guidance on minimum display heights and criteria for differing conditions. In addition to the weather, pilots and organizers must also consider local airspace restrictions. Most exhibitors will plan "full," "rolling" and "flat" display for varying weather and airspace conditions. 

The types of shows vary greatly. Some are large scale military events with large flying displays and ground exhibitions while others held at small local airstrips can often feature just one or two hours of flying with just a few stalls on the ground. Air Displays can be held during day or night with the latter becoming increasingly popular. Shows don't always take place over airfields; some have been held over the grounds of stately homes or castles and over the sea at coastal resorts.

Iowa Air Show Crash Kills Pilot [VIDEO]

The Iowa sir show crash in Davenport Saturday killed one veteran pilot, Glenn A. Smith, when he lost control of the Soviet-era jet he was flying. Video footage from spectators has been released, depicting a giant fireball emerging from a nearby field.

Boeing Widens Lead Over Airbus With Singapore Airlines Coup

The Boeing Co. (NYSE: BA), the largest U.S. aerospace manufacturer, widened its lead in 2012 orders over rival EADS N.V. (Paris: EAS)'s Airbus SAS after Singapore Airlines Ltd. (Singapore: C6L) said Friday it was buying 50 Boeing 737 airplanes valued around $4.9 billion.

Boeing Announces Big 737 Sale In Europe

Boeing Company (NYSE: BA) has extended its lead in 2012 orders over European rival Airbus SAS with a multibillion-dollar commitment from a leasing company that the Chicago-based company revealed this week in Airbus' backyard.

Boeing Dwarfs Airbus Orders In January-February

European planemaker Airbus reshuffled its order book but sold no previously unassigned aircraft in February and remains well behind Boeing since the start of the year, company data showed on Friday.

U.S. Eyes V-22 Aircraft Sales to Israel, Canada, UAE

The U.S. government is eyeing Israel, Canada and the United Arab Emirates as possible initial foreign buyers of the V-22 Osprey, a tilt-rotor aircraft built by Boeing Co and Bell Helicopter, a top U.S. Marine Corps official told Reuters.

Airbus Secures $20.5 Billion Deal at 2011 Dubai Air Show

France-based Airbus AS has secured a total of 211 orders at the 12th Dubai Airshow worth $20.5 billion. The order involves 135 firm orders worth $13.7 billion (130 A320neo and five A380s) and 76 memorandum of understanding (MoU) worth $6.8 billion.

Emirates' $18 billion Boeing order kicks off air show

Emirates airline placed a blockbuster order for 50 Boeing 777 jetliners at the Dubai Air Show on Sunday, underscoring the confidence brimming among fast-growing Gulf airlines despite growing fears of stalling global growth.