Everybody has moments where everything is going smoothly, and times when it all seems so bad. Sienna Miller is no different, and the actress recently shared the ups and lows of her life, including her thoughts about motherhood.

Miller is featured on the October cover of British Vogue where she told the magazine that life has been “really quite overwhelming recently, just with the volume of everything going on,” Us Weekly reported. The star has been trying to juggle a Hollywood career, her personal life and being a mother to her three-year-old daughter, Marlowe. Apart from those, Miller also recently split from her daughter’s father, Tom Sturridge, in July.

Miller told Vogue that trying to balance all her life roles is not always easy. On being a mother, she admitted that having a baby is “the most incredible experience,” although it also is quite chaotic and exhausting. Miller also revealed how she would like to have a better handle at managing things and to be “more super.” However, she also realized that it may be something that mothers are “never going to feel, even if we are.”

“That's the curse of motherhood - we just run ourselves ragged. I'm just trying to get a sense of what that guilt is. I sometimes feel like it's a totally invented emotion. It's strange to be punishing ourselves this way. It's not healthy," said the star.

The 33-year-old star also shared that everything has been “shifting” for her. She even described 2015 as her “sh--tiest" year, but also said that has been an “amazing” one. The “Mississippi Grind” actress explained, “It's always yin and yang. I feel like if you're excelling in one area, it's hard to manage both and I do feel like the work is going really well."

Miller is currently filming the period movie “The Lost City of Z” alongside stars such as Charlie Hunnam and Robert Pattinson. Brad Pitt is reportedly one of the film’s producers.