Fans of "SimCity" 5 waited anxiously for midnight Monday to start downloading their pre-order of the new game.

SimCity is an open-ended city building computer and console video game that was created in 1989 by developer Will Wright and published by Electronic Arts. It’s spinoff series, The Sims, was an instant success when it was launched in 2000. The newest edition of the EA game is said to be harder than ever, with Mashable even writing in their headline “You Will Fail at 'SimCity', and Love Every Minute of It.”

The first time users try to build anything in “SimCity” it will probably be a horrible experience, the news site wrote.

The idea of the game is for the user to found and develop a city, while simultaneously keeping the citizens happy and balancing a healthy budget. A tip for the new game: Make sure to build dirt roads so money can be saved for other utilities and furnishing, an EA rep told Mashable.

Don’t be disappointed if you fail at first. Just as in life, when you don’t succeed you learn a new lesson.

There’s a tutorial to help fans with the new game, but it also allows people to figure out how to build their cities for themselves. Tips can be found in the corners of the screen, but messing up, Mashable noted, will be the best way to learn most things.

Sometimes it will be hard to connect roads, and they will probably have to be bulldozed, the site warned, with large structures being the hardest to place.

The city is reportedly “responsive and alive and good at telling you what it needs,” but don’t be surprised if a tornado blows through and ruins your power plant.

One of the best things about the new Sims is that cities can be placed into regions so friends can control them. According to Mashable, three to 16 cities can fit in a region.