is made up of not just one island but a main island with 63 surrounding
islets. The main island has a total land area of 682 square km.

its compact size belies its economic growth. In just 150 years,
Singapore has grown into a thriving centre of commerce and industry.
Its former role as an entrepot has diminished, as the nation has
increased its manufacturing base.

Singapore is the busiest port
in the world with over 600 shipping lines sending super tankers,
container ships and passenger liners to share the busy waters with
coastal fishing vessels and wooden lighters.



of the world's major oil refining and distribution centres, Singapore
is a major supplier of electronic components and a leader in
shipbuilding and repairing. It has also become one of the most
important financial centres of Asia, with more than 130 banks. Business
dealings are facilitated by Singapore's superb communications network
which links the nation to the rest of the world via satellite, 24-hour
telegraph and telephone systems.

Singapore's strategic location,
excellent facilities, fascinating cultural contrasts and tourist
attractions contribute to its success as a leading destination for both
business and pleasure.