Ed Sheeran has revealed the most embarrassing thing he ever did on stage, albeit secretly. The “Thinking Out Aloud” singer confessed in a recent interview he soiled himself once on the stage during a live performance.

Sheeran told Australian radio show Smallzy's Surgery (via Metro UK) he "once misjudged a fart on stage," and ended up soiling himself. But the singer did not stop his performance and did not let anyone be aware of his embarrassing condition.

“Halfway through I was like, All right, I'm just going to stand for the rest of the performance, and hope it's over soon and then go home and throw [away] these trousers," Sheeran said. The incident, however, has not stopped him from passing wind on stage, Sheeran admitted.

Sheeran is currently on a sort of mission to help his friends get engaged. The British singer helped Jake Roche propose to his girlfriend last week and repeated the service for Kodaline bassist Jason Boland by inviting him on stage at his Dublin show Saturday. “Congratulations to Jay, what a way to propose!” Sheeran tweeted.

Sheeran told Entertainment Weekly in an earlier interview he gets requests from his friends and fans to aid them with marriage proposals “every single day.” “We always say no just because if it’s planned, it looks planned,” he said.

But Sheeran just can't say no when someone makes the request repeatedly. He recalled an incident when a man sitting in the audience pulled out a banner asking him, “Proposal on stage?” At first, the singer kept denying him but later asked him to come on stage and do it. “And I felt something because of that because it was so spontaneous -- I got emotional watching it. So it just depends,” he said.