Kody and Robyn Brown have chosen a name for their newborn daughter. Over the holiday weekend, the “Sister Wives” stars revealed that they named their baby girl Ariella Mae.

But as adorable as the name is, fans revealed they were unsure how to pronounce the name of Kody’s 18th child.

“Is it ‘air-iella’ or ‘aahhh-riella’? Hope it makes sense,” a fan of the plural family wrote on Twitter. “Want to say your sweet girl’s name properly. #ariellamae.”

Ariella Mae was welcomed into the Brown brood on Sunday, Jan. 10, two days after Robyn’s original due date.

“We are happy and blessed to welcome the newest addition to the Brown family,” Robyn and Kody said in a statement to People magazine, revealing that their baby girl was born at home, weighing in at 9 lbs. and 9 oz.

But the couple, who now have five children together, admitted that their daughter was born without a name after they struggled to find a perfect fit for the little Brown.

“Right now we haven’t decided on a name,” Robyn explained shortly after welcoming her daughter into the world. “We have been searching for the right one for months, but nothing has felt right. We are just getting to know her now and waiting until she whispers it in our ear.”

And it looks like little Ariella Mae has finally murmured to her parents what she’d like to be called!