A six-foot lizard is on the loose in Colorado, successfully evading authorities for nearly a day as the Teller County Sheriff's Office continues its hunt for the elusive reptile.

The six-foot lizard escaped from its owner in the Westwood Lakes area of Woodland Park, Colo., around 11:30 a.m. Monday, KKTV reported.

The owner of the six-foot lizard now on the loose, who only wanted to be identified by his first name, Greg, said nearby residents should not be worried if they encounter the six-foot Nile monitor lizard because it's harmless.

He's a member of this family, Greg told KKTV about his six-foot lizard, named Dino. He described the reptile as a very mellow lizard and said the largest animal the lizard may eat is a small prairie dog.

Greg added to United Press International, he looks dangerous, but he's a very gentle lizard. He's not a threat to anybody.

Despite Greg's assurances that his six-foot lizard isn't aggressive, some in the area, including neighbor Holly Liley, don't feel safe. Authorities are also asking residents to proceed with caution should they encounter the lizard.

I'm not like super, super worried about it but if I run into him I'd be pretty freaked out, Liley said of the six-foot lizard. We have a little dog, a little tiny terrier that goes out in our yard and so we're really worried about letting her out and everything.

Teller County Sheriff Mike Ensigner said there haven't been any reports of the six-foot lizard biting anyone, but he warned that the reptile can become aggressive.

We're asking people to keep small dogs and cats in a fenced-in area and under a watchful eye when they're outside, Ensinger told the Colorado Springs Gazette.

After the six-foot lizard escaped, emergency notifications were sent out to residents in Woodland West, Westwood Lakes and Rosewood Hills - subdivisions near where the reptile escaped.

Ensinger described the six-foot lizard as a large reptile, at least 25 pounds, and it can be aggressive. We want the people in those areas to know so they could keep an eye on their pets and small children.