The Srikrishna report that will decide on the fate of Telangana is out finally amidst speculations and apprehensions. The report seem to be leaning towards a United Andhra and has listed out six options to satisfy the various warring factions within Andhra Pradesh.

The 6 member panel with its report hoped to end the regional turmoil that have been searing in the minds of many in Andhra Pradesh for the last 54 years.

The salient features of the report are -

1. Maintain status quo

2. Bifurcation of the State into Seemandhra and Telangana; with Hyderabad as a Union Territory and the two states developing their own capitals in due course

3. Bifurcation of State into Rayala-Telangana and coastal Andhra regions with Hyderabad being an integral part of Rayala-Telangana

4. Bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh into Seemandhra and Telangana with enlarged Hyderabad Metropolis as a separate Union Territory

5. Bifurcation of the State into Telangana and Seemandhra as per existing boundaries with Hyderabad as the capital of Telangana and Seemandhra to have a new capital

6. Keeping the State united by simultaneously providing certain definite Constitutional/Statutory measures for socio-economic development and political empowerment of Telangana region - creation of a statutorily empowered Telangana Regional Council

The Srikrishna Committee which was set up in February 2010 with the tough agenda of unraveling what all sections of society feel about the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh. There are three regions - Telangana, Rayalaseema and Coastal Andhra. Those from Telangana want Hyderabad as the capital of a new state. The other two regions object strongly, not least because of Hyderabad's commercial success as an IT mecca.