Forget vanity sizing, the retail practice of tagging clothes smaller sizes than they are. A company in California is creating the visual illusion of svelteness with the Skinny Mirror, which uses curved glass to make people look 10 pounds thinner, reports Business Insider.

And they’re coming a store near you.

Belinda Jasmine, the founder and designer of the Skinny Mirror, created the body image-enhancing mirror for home use, but retailers began to contact her for orders. She’s now in talks with a retail chain that has 450 stores worldwide.

A study of 86 shoppers in a lingerie store in Sweden showed that when women looked at their thinner selves in the Skinny Mirror, not only did they feel better, but they spent more money. Eighty-eight percent of the women looking in the Skinny Mirror bought something compared with 73 percent of those who looked in normal mirrors.

The mirrors come with “The Skinny Mirror” logo, but some of the companies Jasmine has been negotiating with have said they’d prefer she remove them. Illusion doesn’t come cheap: The mirrors cost between $165 and $5,500.