The latest entry in Activision’s billion-dollar franchise is here and it has added vehicles to the mix. “Skylanders SuperChargers” will launch on Sept. 20 and seems to have been influenced by the summer blockbuster “Mad Max: Fury Road,” as each little dragon from the series will now have a vehicle that accompanies it -- and the best part is the vehicles will have toys of their own.

These aren’t just vehicles with wheels either, as Polygon has confirmed numerous vehicles will be available in the game and can travel across the sea and the air, which adds some new gameplay variety to the well-known franchise. As expected from Activision, these various vehicles will also come with their own figures.

“Skylanders” adversary Kaos is up to no good again, and the characters of “Skylanders” must rise up to defeat him once more. This may be his most daring feat, though, as his newest doomsday device feeds on the sky itself and may tear the realm of the characters apart, hence the addition of the super-charged vehicles.

Gameplay will revolve around plenty of vehicular and aerial combat, with the fighting being similar to the most recent “Mad Max” film or the “Twisted Metal” games, but without the blood and gore. Parents won’t have to worry about the violence too much, as the game mostly consists of lasers and elemental features.

“Skylanders SuperChargers” isn’t all about vehicles, though they are now a big part of the game. Fans will still be able to use the detailed figurines to explore the land of “Skylanders” on foot if they prefer. There will also be missions that will use the same old “Skylanders” gameplay that made the series a billion-dollar franchise, along with new figurines for the new and returning characters.

The best part of “SuperChargers,” however, must be that the vehicle toys will be actual toys that boys and girls can actually play with. As pointed out by Kotaku, children will be able to play with the vehicles like actual toys, so they can use them to race with friends or simply roll across the floor.

Fans young and old will be able to check out "Skylanders SuperChargers” when it races to retail stores on Sept. 20. The game will be available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii U and the iPad.

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Official Skylanders SuperChargers: “Buckle Up” Reveal Trailer (Credit: YouTube/Skylanders Game)