Skype, the VoIP service company is using SpinVox to transcribe voice mails and convert send them to text messages that can be sent to cell phones.

Skype dubs service as visible voice mail, in which voice mails left on a user's voice-over-IP account can be converted to written messages. This message can then be sent as an SMS message to a user's cell phone or sent as an e-mail.

SpinVox converts voice messages to text in English, Spanish, French and German and plans to add support for Italian and Portuguese.

The service costs 25 cents per message, on top of the standard SMS rate of 9 cents if the service is being used in the U.S.

Furthermore, if the voice message is too long for one SMS, it’ll be spread out to as many as three messages.

Skype also will come preloaded on certain Nokia smartphones, and it will provide true VoIP service over Wi-Fi or 3G data connections. While apps like Skype could potentially hurt a mobile carrier by allowing customers to avoid using wireless minutes, they could also lead to increased revenue by boosting mobile data adoption.