Slash, the Guitar Hero and ex-guitarist of rock band Guns‘n’ Roses is getting into the business of making horror films. He has been scouting the Sundance festival for potential scripts and partners in production and he has zeroed in on three, according to

Slash, last year launched his own production company, Slasher Films. He has forged a partnership with Scout Productions’ Michael Williams and Rob Eric to acquire three horror film packages- Wake the Dead, Theorom and The Other Kingdom.

Jay Russell will direct Wake the Dead, which is about a contemporary Frankenstein .

Theorom will be helmed by Splice director Vincenzo Natali which is about a college professor letting lose a genetic evil when he unlocks an ancient relic.

The Other Kingdom is written by Philip Eisner, who'll also direct. It is about an alien pathogen turns people into savage killers and how the hospital staff fights it.

CAA, Movie Package Company’s Shaun Redick and Ray Mansfield, Untitled’s Jennifer Levine and the Callamaro Literary Agency are involved in the distribution, buying and production of the three projects .

Slash in a question and answers session at the event said that he had a distinct preference for the horror films of the 70’s which according to him were a cut above the gore and slash affair which are the norm now. “ What I want to do is bring back character-driven, dramatic, intelligent, humorous horror movies — horror movies that have some depth, “ he said. Among the inspirations: 1968's Rosemary’s Baby and Night of the Living Dead  The Exorcist and The Omen.

He said in an interview to that he still remembers Omen . “Fantastic, dramatic horror that was scary as sin. It had just enough gross moments to establish that a certain nastiness was possible. It was a simple, great story, well directed. And I can remember as a kid seeing the original Night of the Living Dead and The Exorcist, on the same night.The Exorcist didn’t scare me that much, but Night of the Living Dead was really creepy. The moment that sticks with me was the little girl, with the spade and her mom. A lot of films from that period have moments that stick indelibly in your mind, and that’s what we want to do. It requires fleshed out characters you care about, twists and turns, psychological thriller dynamics and I need a villain, an iconic monster. Too many horror films leave your head as quickly as a pop song.”

Slash is no stranger to Sundance , he has been a regular at the festival for years.He says it is the only forum where movies are truly treated in their real art form. Unfortunately, due to work and time pressure he has not been able to take in any movies at the venue.