“Sleepy Hollow” will be airing its Season 2 premiere on Monday, Sept. 22, at 9 p.m. EDT. And according to executive producer Mark Goffman, fans may want to hold onto their noggins considering the hit Fox series will be returning this fall with even more head-spinning drama. Geez, we’re feeling dizzy already!

During the EP’s interview with TVLine he revealed that Sleepyheads should anticipate a “pretty shocking” premiere moment to occur between Ichabod and Abbie during a scene set in purgatory.

“I don’t think anyone’s going to see it coming,” Goffman teased, leaving us on the tips of our toes.

Could fans finally be getting the intimate Cran-Abbie moment they’ve been hoping for since the show’s series premiere? Well, we wouldn’t hold our breath if we were you. During the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con Nicole Beharie revealed Abbie and Ichabod aren’t on the best of terms after Tom Mison’s character betrayed hers in the Season 1 finale.

So, if an Ichabbie kiss is crossed off possible-purgatory moments of Season 2 then what does Goffman have in store for fans? Beharie teased the answer during an interview at SDCC.

According to Beharie, fans can expect a few “trippy” moments to occur in limbo, a place that’s been designed as a “very personal” hell for Abbie.

“It’s just not Abbie’s thing,” Beharie spoke of the supernatural realm her character has found herself trapped in by the end of last season. “I think what’s cool about the way they’ve created the torture for both of us is that they’re really personal. One is history, Abbie and Jenny as children, and the other one is like a replaying of the entire show where [Ichabod] is in the box initially. So they find themselves starting over in a really odd way. I don’t think they’re enjoying it. But the cool thing is you’ll see different sides of them, trying to figure their way out of it. I think that’s safe to say.”

Since Ichabod is currently passing time away during the premiere locked in a box is it possible that he could somehow appear to Abbie in purgatory as an apparition to help her escape?

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