“Sleepy Hollow” is coming back with its Season 2 premiere on Fox Sept. 22, and the sophomore installment looks to be so wild you just might lose your head – specifically with the drama revolving around Henry (or should we say Jeremy Crane?).

Tom Mison, who plays Ichabod Crane on the Emmy-nominated series, revealed to TV Guide that his TV son will be stirring up more trouble than ever in Season 2. According to Mison, John Noble’s character will waste no time getting his hands dirty in a vengeance-seeking plan when “Sleepy Hollow” returns.

“He's trying to break up the entire community of Sleepy Hollow to pave the way for the apocalypse," the actor revealed of Henry’s sinister ambitions.

But how could Noble’s character possibly get the entire town to turn on one another? Well, Mison dished just how Henry will attempt to wage the psychological war.

"How best to do that? He masquerades as a lawyer. He becomes a respectable member of society and starts planting seeds of doubt,” Mison explained of the sneaky tactic.

Two characters who will be affected by Henry’s deception in Season 2 will be none other than Jenny and Abbie.

According to Nicole Beharie, the sisters' relationship will begin on a good note when the second season starts -- but, thanks to Henry, that will quickly change.

“They’re a lot closer because they’ve faced the tribulations, and they’re learning more about their family — mom, dad, all that kind of stuff,” she explained to TVLine. “But a few people step into the situation and put a wrench into it, and they end up butting heads.”

Hmm, will it be Henry who is caught tossing tools? Sound off with your theories in the comments section below and don’t forget to tune into “Sleepy Hollow” when the Fox series airs its Season 2 premiere on Monday, Sept. 22, at 9 p.m. EDT.