Adding to the buzz around the Season 2 premiere of “Sleepy Hollow,” Fox has decided to increase anticipation by announcing the two new cast members. Curious as to who they are? Don’t worry! We’ve got enough “Sleepy Hollow” scoop to keep you busy until the sophomore season debuts in September.

Reports indicate there's a new sheriff in town in Season 2: Leena Reyes. Irving’s replacement will be played by “House of Cards” star Sakina Jaffrey, who will be hanging up her chief of staff title for the small-town, Fox gig.

“Congrats to @HouseofCards own badass @sakinajaff and her new gig as Sheriff on Sleepy Hollow covered by @eonline,” Jaffrey’s “HoC” co-star Michael Kelly tweeted.

We know Jaffrey’s character on the Netflix original series is “as tough as a $2 steak” so we can only imagine what she’ll bring to the spooky town of Sleepy Hollow when she slips into her role as sheriff.

She’s “smart, forceful, highly trained and commanding,” E!Online explained, adding the sheriff also has a “warm and maternal side.” Are you excited for Jaffrey’s recurring guest role? We totally are! But what does this mean for Irving (Orlando Jones) who was locked behind bars at the end of last season?

“Obviously, Irving has been discredited and now he's been taken upstate, so the Sleepy Hollow Police Department still has to be run by somebody and that person may not be as open as Irving was by the end of the season with Abbie and Crane," executive producer Roberto Orci recently spilled to E! News. "So somebody may be making their life very difficult."

In addition to adding Jaffrey, “Sleepy Hollow” will also be giving a warm welcome to Matt Barr who will be portraying the reoccurring role of the “ruggedly handsome” Nick Hawley.

TVline explained that Nick will accompany Ichabod and Abbie on their supernatural journey during Season 2 as a bounty hunter who will bring comedic relief to their stressful situation. And perhaps, the “easy-on-the-eyes badass” might even win Abbie over with his charming demeanor!

What do you think of “Sleepy Hollow’s” new cast additions? Chime in with your thoughts in the comments section below and stay tuned for more scoop before Season 2 airs this September.