“Sleepy Hollow” Season 3 has been missing Capt. Frank Irving, but that doesn’t mean he is gone forever. Actor Orlando Jones revealed in a video where he answered fans’ questions that he’d be happy to return to the Fox supernatural drama.

Jones said that it’s unlikely to happen, but he wouldn’t mind being a guest star. “Maybe they would ask me to come back, and I would love to do a guest appearance,” he said. “It would be awesome to do a guest appearance on ‘Sleepy Hollow.’”

Yet it doesn’t look like fans will see his return anytime soon. Jones finally commented on his departure from “Sleepy Hollow” for the first time since leaving in May. “I don’t think Capt. Irving is coming back,” Jones said. “And what led to me leaving was they changed the show. … I think the creators are awesome guys, and they just didn’t really see a place for Frank Irving in that world and I get that, you know? Chances are, I won’t come back because they kind of asked me to leave.”

Watch Jones’ Q&A video below:

Frank Irving was one of the main characters on “Sleepy Hollow” for the first two years. In the Season 3 premiere, it was revealed that he left town with his family to try and protect them.

Producers haven’t said much about Jones’ departure. When asked about Irving’s storyline in Season 3, showrunner Cliff Campbell claimed that they intended to bring him back to finish his storyline, but his absence was due to scheduling conflicts. “For a handful of reasons, it became difficult to schedule and to make work out,” Campbell told TVLine in October.

“Sleepy Hollow” Season 3 airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. EST on Fox.