Here is a question that, in some form or another, I get asked quite often. I'm sure it will look familiar to many of you: My problem is quite personal. My height is 6 ft., but the size of my penis is only 4 inches after erection. I am very tense about this. Can you help me?

Living in today's world can really be hard on us. We're inundated and bombarded with messages comparing us to, well, everybody else. You just can't be too thin or have too much money or, well, you know the scenario. It makes us forget that there are 6.5 billion people out there and each of us is the unique individual that we are blessed to be. That doesn't mean, though, we have to go blindly through life without being our own best advocate!

Modern science has confirmed that the mind, our brain, is our biggest erogenous zone. Eastern philosophy has known for many centuries how deep the mind/body connection is, too. In other words, it's not what you've got but how you feel about yourself and how you use what you've got that counts. When we feel great about ourselves and have confidence and self-love, our world is more generous in the love and care that comes back to us. Accepting who you are and consciously learning the love arts will put you miles ahead of even the most generously endowed man, any day!

What will be key for you is to know that you are fine the way you are. You can become a great lover by learning to last a long time, to love tenderly and deeply and to give to the woman you love as if she were the Goddess in her earthly manifestation! But if you have a little doubt left, here is some great information.

Fact: The G-spot is about 1 to 1.5 inches inside any woman's vagina. It is one of the two essential spots in the woman that lead to vaginal orgasms and the possibility of multiple orgasms. The well-endowed man will often miss the mark! It's only on the in and out that he may chance to come in contact with the right spot! You have an actual advantage, if you learn to use it.

It is best that a woman you would partner with have well-developed PC muscles. They're the ones that you notice are working when you stop and start the urination process. They are called 'Kegels'. She'll be able to grab you better, to heighten the sensation for both of you. This makes the 'fit' much better. You will want to strengthen yours too. The sexercises are easy and fun and they have a whole lot of benefits that I'm not even mentioning here!

Certain positions will be better for you than others. Generally, frontal positions with the woman's legs up over your shoulders are great. There is lots of friction on the G-spot in this type of position. These positions will give you easy access and will give her a lot of maneuverability in her hips. The woman on top positions, along with some unique variations, will also be good for you to master. Another tip: Go really slowly on the out-stroke! The head of the penis catches in the G-spot area on the out - this is to your advantage.

You just don't need a big penis to have great sex. That is a myth. While the size of your penis is what it is, there are many ways to satisfaction if you and your lover are open, curious and willing to experiment. Thrusting patterns should be shallow for good G-spot contact. Find positions in which your partner can move her hips in subtle ways to help facilitate her pleasure.

There's so much to say and not enough space here to even begin to mentor you in the subtle, yet incredible, tools and techniques available to you. My best suggestion is that you get your hands on high quality instructional material designed to show you how it's done. With the right video, audio, e-courses and e-books, articles and practices you can learn outrageous sexual techniques that will make you a God in her eyes. I guarantee it!

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