Hollywood veteran Susan Sarandon's mantra for making the world a better place: Smoke weed instead of drinking alcohol. The “Thelma and Louise” star says that smoking pot has helped her career -- as she always saw scripts with a different perspective when she was under the influence.

“It’s absurd that more states haven’t legalized it. It’s an important source of income. … You also see the reports on kids who have seizures that are prevented by medical marijuana,” Sarandon said during a chat with American magazine High Times, via Yahoo! News. “You see the relief it gives to vets. … It’s also a lovely way to socialize and be with people -- and to be with yourself and de-stress.”

It is not the first time that the 69-year-old actress has spoken about her love for marijuana. In 2013, the actress told Andy Cohen on his "Watch What Happens Live" show that getting stoned helps her make important work decisions. Sarandon said that she has “never worked high” and never took drugs while filming, but she has been stoned while reading scripts and it has given her a “different perspective.”

Sarandon also think that smoking weed helps her “slow down” during the time she is leading a “very, very busy life.” It helps her “makes the most of your weekend,” added the actress. The actress also revealed that not all drugs are safe and she is not a big fans of drugs like LSD, Ecstasy or other hard-core chemicals.

She also told British newspaper the Observer in 2010 that she loves “magic mushrooms,” as they take her to a different world. She also acknowledges that some drugs can be addictive or even kill people, so people should exercise caution before indulging. The actress has also spoken about drugs with her three children and asked them to “talk to her first” before they try out something new.