Snoop Dogg was briefly detained in Norway on Thursday when police caught him with marijuana and an excessive amount of cash, making him late for his performance at a Kristiansand music festival.

According to The Associated Press, customs officials did not released the name of the person, but rather said an American artist came to Norway with a small amount of marijuana detected on his person by a drug dog. Customs said that Norwegian law prohibits police from releasing the names of suspects.

Customs also said that the American artist was also carrying more cash than is legally allowed in Norway, prompting a fine of $8,600 (52,000 kroner) for both violations.

E News! Reported that Snoop had 8 grams of weed, which is under the legal amount of 15 grams that Norway allows for personal use.

Snoop Dogg, real name Calvin Broadus, was in Norway for a performance at the Hove Music Festival in Kristiansand.

When asked by VGTV news in Norway why he was five hours late for the festival, Snoop responded with a defensive rant.

Man, shut the f--k up, Snoop said. I'm happy I'm here and ask some real questions.

The VGTV reporter went on to ask why he was stopped at the border, to which Snoop gave a much different excuse for.

I was late 'cause I went to go get some chicken wings...'cause I wanted to see Norway up close and personal, and visit an old folks' home. I went to visit a convalescent home. That's why I was late.

Snoop Dogg most recently was arrested for marijuana possession in El Paso, Tex. in January.

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