Apple Inc, which has earned the reputation of being uninterested in social media and social software, has launched a Twitter account for its iOS and Mac App Store, @AppStore.

Although the company is known for not indulging in social media, Apple does hold five other Twitter accounts related to iTunes, namely iTunes Trailers, iTunes Podcasts, iTunes TV, iTunes Movies, iTunes Music.

Its latest Twitter account amassed followers by thousands within hours of its launch.

The first AppStore tweet read, Welcome to App Store on Twitter! Follow us to discover new apps, get exclusive offers, and share with friends.

Just an hour later, the second tweet followed promoting Nike's Training Club app. The tweets are coming at a gap of an hour. So far, four tweets have been posted.

The intention behind starting a Twitter account for the AppStore seems pretty obvious with the company aiming to drive traffic and increase downloads, same as the purpose of opening a Facebook account for the App Store. The App Store Facebook Page has nearly 1 million fans.

The company, however, does not have an official Twitter or Facebook account.  Apple even discourages employee blogging and doesn't care much for social software. Two years ago, senior software developer left the company after 19 years of service citing that it became increasingly difficult to develop social software in the company.

Things seem to be changing gradually as social media grows on Apple. Last week, the company released a new beta for iOS 4, which set the media abuzz due to the presence of the folder titled 'Media Stream' with information about 'Photo Streaming', which was seen as an upcoming social feature integrated into the all iOS devices. 'Photo Streaming' came to be considered as Apple's answer to social networking giants like Facebook.