UPDATE: Wednesday, June 8, 2016, 12:37 a.m. EDT — Feminism was the theme du jour on social media following Hillary Clinton's historic address Tuesday night, during which she became the first woman in U.S. history to be a major political party's presidential nominee. Notable women chimed in on Twitter to congratulate Clinton as well as relate to her through the struggle for women's rights that the former secretary of state highlighted during her speech.

The #ImWithHer hashtag created specifically to show support for Clinton was especially popular as the speech's theme seemed to resonate heavily.

Some examples follow:

UPDATE: 11:40 p.m. EDT — Responses to speeches given presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and her Republican counterpart Donald Trump continued pouring in on social media, with everything from supportive tweets to snarky takes — and everything in between — flooding timelines left and right.

See some of the more noteworthy reactions below:

UPDATE: 11 p.m. EDT — Presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton gave a speech Tuesday night, and Twitter was watching. Several users commented that Clinton appeared to be giving one of the most passionate speeches of her campaign thus far, while others focused on the historic aspect.

"Don't let anyone tell you that great things can't happen in America," Clinton said. "Barriers can come down. Justice and equality can win. Our history has moved in that direction, slowly, at times, but unmistakably, thanks to generations of Americans who refused to give up or back down. Now you are writing a new chapter of that story."

See how social media reacted:

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As the long 2016 campaign progressed Tuesday at the polls in New Jersey, California and four other states, it also played out on social media. At one point Tuesday night, the hashtag #iVoted was trending on Twitter, while Facebook feeds were flooded with photos of stickers bearing the same phrase.

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump was largely silent on Twitter for most of the day, logging on around 7 p.m. EDT to share what appeared to be scans of printed-out articles in his favor. He then advertised an interview with Fox's Sean Hannity set for 10 p.m. and reminded followers he planned to speak "about our great journey to the Republican nomination" at 9 p.m. "The movement toward a country that WINS again continues," Trump added.

Hillary Clinton, who on Monday night the Associated Press named the presumptive Democratic nominee, posted multiple times about making history as the first woman to get the nomination of a major American party.

"Let's build an America that respects and embraces the potential of every last one of us," she wrote, attaching a video that recapped achievements of American women through the decades. Clinton also retweeted a clip of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., endorsing her on ABC's "Good Morning America."

Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont was the most active on the internet Tuesday, urging his Twitter followers to find their voting locations and report irregularities. He tweeted about activist Helen Chávez's death and encouraged people to support congressional candidates like Paul Clements of Michigan. Most of his messages, however, focused on inspiring his fans to head to the polls. "Pundits and the political press wanna call this race early before every person votes," Sanders wrote. "Let's show them we ain't gonna let it happen. Go vote."

All three candidates were set to give major speeches Tuesday as results rolled in across the country.

Trump's was first. He entered to "We are the Champions" by Queen, and the Twitterverse lit up. The memes and criticism instantly flooded Twitter, much of it about Trump's uncharacteristic decision to use a Teleprompter.

Clinton was set to speak in New York at 10 p.m. EDT, while Sanders was scheduled to go on in California at 1 a.m. EDT.