Sofia Vergara suffered a "wardrobe malfunction" while her beau was fighting with another man during New Year’s Eve in Miami.

TMZ posted a photo of Vergara’s wardrobe malfunction that resulted from the NYE brawl.

Photos that have just emerged show Vegara’s breast slipping from the top of her dress. It’s no surprise that the actress’ top failed her, however, since there wasn’t much material to cover her up in the first place.

While the “Modern Family” star and her businessman boyfriend, Nick Loeb, were trying to celebrate the New Year in Miami, he allegedly got into what new sites are describing as a “brawl.”

According to a witness who spoke to the New York Post, the drama unfolded when Loeb objected to Vergara posing for a photo with her former lover, Miami nightclub owner Chris Paciello.

Paciello was actually born Christian Ludwigsen and grew up in Brooklyn, New York. He had Cosa Nostra (New York crime family) connections and was convicted of murder, the Village Voice noted.

Vergara, 40, and Loeb, 37, began to argue, which allegedly resulted in Loeb pushing another man (who is thought to be Paciello) into a table.

Reports say Vergara tried to break up the fight and that was when her soft body parts were exposed from the top of her leather corset.

The actress’ son, 20-year-old Manolo, left the club because he was “offended,” Gawker wrote.

Wardrobe malfunctions aside, Vergara and Loeb, who have been together since 2010, seem to have put the fiasco behind them considering she was photographed licking his ear at lunch a few days later at the beach, the website said.

But Loeb didn’t emerge from the fight unscathed. The Daily News posted pictures of him on the beach with a few scratches on his chest, stomach and neck.

Vergara, on the other hand, seemed to have had enough exposure for one week and covered up her body with a black one-piece and turquoise maxi skirt.