Devachan, the trendy salon in SoHo, has been hit with a $16 million sexual harassment suit from former employee. Liciana D'Angleo. The Brooklyn woman says that she was constantly berated and harassed by the male workers in the shop.

D'Angelo, 36, began working at Devachan in January 2005. She developed a strained relationship with co-worker Keith Magnussen, who she alleges had smacked her butt and confessed he'd dreamed about ravishing her in the salon, according to the New York Daily News.

Magnussen, a married man, continued to berate D'Angelo when their work stations were moved next to each other. Even after D'Angelo complained to her superiors, nothing was done.

The victim also alleges that Denivaldo DaSilva, a part-owner and manager, had harassed her during a Christmas party. She says he demanded a kiss during a Christmas party, stroked her upper arm and asked how many sexual partners she'd ever been with.

DaSilva reportedly made several suggestive comments after helping her as a guarantor on a new rental apartment. He'd threated her once, saying, What I give you, I can take away, according to the Daily News report. DaSilva did take away some of what he gave when he reduced D'Angelo's clients when she started dating a former salon employee. He suggested that he'd be able to pay her rent, and that she could pay him back one way or another.

Devachan management has completely dismissed the allegations and calls D'Angelo a disgruntled former employee. In a written statement to the Daily News, Devachan stated that D'Angelo waited 18 months after her departure before making the allegations.