You may have used solar-powered peripherals, that plug into your laptop to enhance its battery power, but a system which can solely run on solar energy is newly designed by Andrea Ponti.

The Luce Solar Panel Powered PC could become the greenest laptop ever made, with two solar panels to empower the computer continuously.

Luce Solar Panel Powered PC, which also got shortlisted in Fujitsu’s 2011 design competition, is made from a clear polycarbonate and weighs about four pounds.

The laptop is more battery intensive when used in the sun than indoors since the screen brightness needs to be cranked up to compete with the sun’s bright light.

The system comes along with a disadvantage, being a cordless design, the productivity will plummet in the evening until you reach for another digital device.

One solution could be to use an electronic ink display in place of the usual backlit flat panel, reported TechCrunch.

Last year Apple had reportedly filed a patent for “harnessing external light to illuminate a display screen,” and in their vision, a reflector could fold down to brighten the display. The company is rumored to be looking at integrating solar cells.