A controversial German banker who has long criticized Germany’s welfare system as a drain on society apparently has a son who receives state benefits.

Germany Bunte magazine reported that Richard Sarrazin, the 30-year old son of millionaire Thilo Sarrazin, revealed that he hasn’t worked in quite a while and lives on welfare.

It's actually pretty good to just be unemployed and not be needed, because you can determine your own pace of life, Richard allegedly told Bunte, from his well-heated flat on the 14th floor of a tower block in Berlin.

I am a scapegoat for my father, the black sheep of the family, Richard reportedly said.

Thilo Sarrazin is a former member of the Bundesbank who was removed from his post last year after he published a book that was castigated as anti-Islamic, anti-Semitic and anti-immigrant.

The book “Deutschland Schafft Sich Ab” (Germany Is Making Itself Redundant), which has sold 1.2-million copies over the past six months, argued that the German nation is being ruined by excessive welfare payments, especially foreigners and immigrants. He singled out Germany’s large Turkish immigrant population for particular scorn for its unwillingness to integrate into the mainstream society.