Sonam Kapoor - remember that name.

This Bollywood actress, who already has a few years of fame under her belt in her home country of India, is now getting recognized worldwide.

Why? Well, her movies are quite good. I Hate Luv Stories was her first box office success in 2010. She is very pretty and acts as the spokesmodel for L'Oreal in India. She is also the daughter of a famous Indian actor and the granddaughter of an accredited Indian producer.

Although they are some nice perks, none of the aforementioned facets is the reason for her international fanfare.

Kapoor is getting recognized by style-mavens around the globe for her classic, cosmopolitan fashions.

Kapoor is a fashionista in her own right, deserving acclaim for her modern take on ladylike attire mixed with an edgy flare.

Take, for instance, her ability to wear red and black stain and still make it look demure. Or her uncanny sense of shapes and fits.

Kapoor gears more towards classic pieces in monochromatic hues with exquisite tailoring rather than for trendier pieces.

However, the 26-year-old is not afraid to experiment with her look. One day she may be wearing a high collared blouse with bow-shaped buttons and the next she will be in a strapless, zip-front leopard dress.

[I have] two tattoos and a tongue piercing! she said in an interview on the Indian show Simi Selects India's Most Desirable on STAR World.

I'm a bit too free spirited, I'm very confident with my body and who I am.

It is this comfort and self-assurance that allows Kapoor to transition so fluidly from one style to another. She is not pigeonholed in one fashion track. Rather, she dabbles in many different areas, mixing and matching as she goes along.

She also takes cues from cities in countries far from India, such as one of the fashion capitals of the world, New York.

The best place for fashion is New York. I pick up stuff from department stores, the Village, 5th Avenue and vintage stores. In fact, i picked up a vintage Chanel couture dress and some great pieces by Missoni, YSL and Diane von Furstenburg in vintage stores. It helps that I'm a size 4, she has said.

Kapoor has garnered praise from fashion insiders everywhere.

Simply gorgeous. Sonam breaks the mould of the short dresses and ironed tresses brigade and gushes forth like a sheer Greco Roman delight. Her body language spells languid ease together with her perfectly accentuated cheekbones and collarbones, writes Shilpi Madan for MSN Lifestyle's Fashion Report Card.

Check out this slideshow of Kapoor, a classic, cosmopolitan fashionista.