“Sons of Anarchy” returned to FX Tuesday, Sept. 30, with episode 4 of Season 7. And as Kurt Sutter, mastermind behind the hit drama, teased on Twitter, the airing of “Poor Little Lambs” changed everything about the final installment of our favorite motorcycle thriller.

Check out the 7 most memorable moments below of tonight’s episode:

1. Guest Star Galore

Episode 4 had its fair share of guest stars from Marilyn Manson to Courtney Love and even everyone’s favorite transgender prostitute. That’s right, Venus Van Dam (Walton Goggins) is back -- and she’s sexier than ever! Or at least, that’s what Tig (Kim Coates) would say if he were here. Let’s just say Venus and Tig shared some pretty steamy moments throughout episode 4.

2. Talking To A Ghost

Since the death of Tara (Maggie Siff), Gemma (Katey Sagal) has been seen talking to the ghost of her daughter-in-law since the Season 7 premiere. Tonight Gemma told Tara’s spirit that she thinks Abel will end up just like his daddy while Thomas might join the medical field like her.

And Gemma isn’t the only one talking to herself. Juice (Theo Rossi) looked as if he had completely lost his mind when he was caught gabbing away to no one at all. By the end of episode 4, an APB was sent out for the club member, which is when Gemma revealed to Juice that she was going to drive him to her father’s house, far, far away. That’s when Juice broke down crying revealing that although he wants to live he can’t stand being alone.

3. Man Hunt

Jax (Charlie Hunnam) and the SAMCRO members went on a mission to track down a preacher’s wife, which included digging up her dead husband for a phone. According to Tyler (Mo McRae), August (Billy Brown) wanted the preacher’s wife’s signature for a condo project that would make him even wealthier. Only problem is she’s missing in action -- well, she was missing in action.

Jax tracked her and her son down but Tig ended up getting shot in the process. Don’t worry, Tig fans! He ended up surviving thanks to a little TLC from Venus.

4. Mommy Issues

Gemma made a joke during episode 4 that the only reason Jax is into Collette (Kim Dickens) is due to his “mommy fetish.”

“The phrase ‘mommy fetish’ coming out of my own mother should never happen again,” he replied. Guess we now know where Jax draws the line.

5. Dead Beat Cop

After Jax convinced the preachers wife to sign August’s papers for the safety of her like and her son’s, the SAMCRO leader and his crew went to their next appointment: a drug deal. However, the Sons were followed by two cops, resulting in a big, bloody blow out. One of the officers survived -- barely -- after getting shot in the back. Her partner was not so lucky after her was killed from a bullet to the skull.

6. Ice Cream Explosion

Sheriff Althea Jerry (Annabeth Gish) met the Sons on an ice cream date to talk about the murder of her co-worker and the brutal attack on another. The Sons claimed to have nothing to do with the attack but Jax does own up to the gruesome beat down of the prostitute’s father. Just then one of Lin’s (Kenneth Choi) men ran out of a van and threw a grenade into the parlor. Cue the explosions!

7. Bloody Good Massage

But the bloodiest moment of episode 4 is when Lin’s crew paid SAMCRO’s massage parlor a visit. Nero received an anonymous phone call that hinted the parlor was in danger. When SAMCRO arrived to the scene they saw all their women dead -- including Collete.

Bonus: Chibs (Tommy Flanagan) and Charming’s new sheriff are our newest -- and favorite -- “SoA” couple! We want “Scotty” to hold our hand, too!

What did you think was the most outrageous moment from episode 4 of “Sons of Anarchy”? Sound off in the comments section below with your thoughts.