"Sons of Anarchy" creator Kurt Sutter left fans in a tizzy when he revealed to Entertainment Weekly that two SAMCRO club members would be killed off in the final season of the hit FX show. Since his bold statement, viewers been guessing which Son would be meeting a brutal demise before the Season 7 premiere on Tuesday. At this point, the remaining members of SAMCRO are Jax, Bobby, Chibs, Tig, Rat, Happy, Montez, Quinn, West and Juice.

Who do you think fans predicted would be get the ax? According to our poll, viewers believe that Juice, played by Theo Rossi, will be dead by the time the series finale of “SoA” airs. The second Charming motorcycle club member that fans widely prophesied to die was the grim reaper himself, Jax -- and we don’t think this forecast is far off.

Mastermind Sutter teased that he has been heavily inspired by Shakespeare's “Hamlet” – especially in the final season of the critically acclaimed crime drama.

“One of the recurring themes of Shakespeare is the idea that power doesn’t just corrupt, but that the corruption continuously repeats itself. So, motorcycle clubs: They began as these organizations by war vets -- pilots who were used to a very adrenaline-filled lifestyle and were dropped into this post -- World War II Eisenhower, simple lifestyle,” Sutter explained to Vulture. “So they started getting together. It was this fraternity of heroic dudes who’d get together and ride their bikes, then maybe have a few too many beers and kick the s**t out of each other. Soon they became what the federal government classified as an organized-crime syndicate.”

Sutter revealed that when he envisioned the first guy to throw on a leather jacket, down a beer and call himself an outlaw it was John Teller, founder of the club. “Then I thought, What if that guy is the father in 'Hamlet'? What if that guy is the ghost of John Teller? That archetype enabled me to establish the prince, our lead guy, Jax Teller. I loosely based all my characters on ones from ‘Hamlet.’ I winked at it with Gemma as Gertrude and Clay as Claudius. Opie was Horatio. And the ongoing question was: Would the prince find out? We take these sort of huge tragic turns at different points in the series that feel Shakespearean to me, and at times we veer a little bit more toward ‘Macbeth.’”

If Sutter is following the story line of “Hamlet,” then we know things aren’t looking good for our protagonist. But then again, Sutter never promised “Sons of Anarchy” would have a happy ending. “Hamlet” is a tale of revenge. Hamlet (Jax) is the son of a recently deceased king of Denmark (John Teller) and nephew of Claudius (Clay). Claudius, the king’s successor, ends up marrying the king’s widow, his sister-in-law Gertrude (Gemma).

But just because King Hamlet is dead doesn’t mean he’s gone. Hamlet’s friends, Horatio (Opie) and Marcellus, spot King Hamlet’s ghost wandering around. They tell the prince that an apparition of his father is haunting the castle. When Hamlet sees the ghost of his father for himself (which in the case of “SoA” would be John Teller’s letters) he learns that Claudius had murdered the king by pouring “juice of cursed hebenon” in his ear.

The dead king demands that his son avenge his death, but Hamlet is unsure whether or not the ghost is telling the truth. That’s when he decided to find out for himself by having actors re-enact the death of his father all while watching Claudius’ reaction. Hamlet witnesses the guilt eat away at his uncle and makes it his mission to avenge his father’s demise. But Claudius ends up banishing Hamlet to England and then blames the death of Polonius and Ophelia’s (Tara) madness on his nephew.

When Polonius’ son, Laertes, arrives back from France he is convinced that Hamlet has been the cause of all the destruction. Claudius persuades Laertes to fight Hamlet with a poisonous weapon. Laertes ends up piercing Hamlet with the poison-tipped sword but wounds himself in the fight. As the two lie dying, Hamlet reveals to Laertes Claudius’ plot. In their final moments the two reconcile and Hamlet kills Claudius.

Even if you think Sutter is following instead the storyline of “Macbeth,” which can clearly be seen twisted throughout the plot, things still end up grim for the main character. By the end of the tragedy, Macbeth is decapitated by Macduff and his head is carried throughout Scotland. In this Shakespeare play the main character is a villain, which leaves us to believe that maybe Sutter is straying from his “Hamlet” ways and veering onto a darker path in the final season. Sutter has revealed that Jax will be portraying an ominous role in Season 7.

"This season will be the most proactive for Jax. He's driven, with a singular purpose. Rather than being the reactor to chaos, (Jax) is the inciter of chaos,” the creator explained.

Do you think Jax will be one of the SAMCRO members to end up six feet under by the time “Sons of Anarchy” concludes? Sound off in the comments section below with your theories and don’t forget to tune into the Season 7 premiere when it airs Tuesday, Sept. 9, at 10 p.m. EDT.