Bikers, it’s time to rev your engines because Season 7 of the hit FX series, “Sons of Anarchy,” is about to begin its final -- and dare we say wild -- ride. The last season of “SoA” will begin airing Tuesday, Sept. 9, at 10 p.m. EDT for a special hour-and-45-minute premiere. And according to reports, episode 1, “Black Widower,” is going to be a bloody good watch.

But before the boys of SAMCRO return to the small screen for yet another thrilling installment let’s recap what happened when we last saw Jax, Gemma and the rest of the gang.

The Season 6 finale aired Dec. 10 and revealed the show’s most shocking death in the final 10 minutes of “A Mother’s Work.” But before the gruesome demise of a major “SoA” character, here’s what happened: Episode 13 began with the D.A. learning Tara had gone missing with her children. Tyne shares her discovery with Jax, which is when he reveals to the group that they must find Tara first to convince her not to rat on the Charming motorcycle club.

When they do finally track down Tara she’s sitting with her lawyer discussing the immunity and protection she’ll receive if she gives testimony against SAMCRO. Once her lawyer leaves Jax appears from the brush. Tara immediately thinks he’s going to kill her but instead Jax is calm and asks her to “be a good mother” by saving their boys.

To do this, Jax decides to turn himself in as the source of the gun that was used in the school shooting if that means Tara can be free of charges and get their kids out of Charming. The D.A. agreed to the plan and said Jax will face 25 years, parole in 10, maybe seven.

When he broke down the agreement to Bobby and Chibs, they didn't seem too impressed with the strategy. But Jax claimed there was no other way around this messy situation. He then decided to leave Bobby in charge of the club and asked him to get SAMCRO on track with legitimate business. Jax also admited his distrust for Juice. Apparently Theo Rossi’s character told Nero about the killing of Darvany while recovering from his Oxy overdose.

But that wasn’t the only shocking revelation in the Season 6 finale. When Unser visits Gemma, who was nursing her broken heart (thanks to Nero) with alcohol and weed, he divulged how Jax will be facing prison time. Gemma tricked Unser into swiping her some pills and then took off in his car.

Unser told Jax his mom left -- in his car, which is when Juice volunteered himself to go after her. But before Juice went off on a wild Gemma hunt, Jax gave him a hug, whispering in his ear that he knows Juice was the one who betrayed him.

As it turns out, Gemma drove to Tara’s house assuming she was the one who ratted on her son. When Tara walked in Gemma viciously attacked her -- first with an iron. When that doesn’t do the job Gemma grabbed her daughter-in-law by the neck and dragged her to a sink filled with dirty dish water. That's when she began drowning Tara. But Jax’s wife had some fight in her, which is why Gemma reached for a craving fork to speed up the process. Gemma then stabbed Tara’s skull repeatedly until she died.

After the horrific murder, Sheriff Eli and Juice walked in. “It had to be done,” Gemma said as they walked into the blood-soaked scene. Eli then told Gemma that Tara didn’t rat on Jax. He turned himself in for the sake of the club. Before the sheriff can call in the murder Juice shot him in the back. He then grabbed Gemma and removed her from the crime scene.

That’s when Jax walked in to witness Eli and the love of his life laying lifeless on the floor. He held Tara close with tears rolling down his cheeks when the D.A. arrived.

What do you think will happen in the Season 7 premiere? Sound off in the comments section below with your “Sons of Anarchy” predictions and don’t forget to tune into FX on Tuesday, Sept. 9, at 10 p.m. EDT to watch the drama unfold in episode 1.