“Sons of Anarchy” will be airing its series finale on FX this Tuesday, Dec. 9. And to prepare fans for the show’s final ride, we’ve recapped the entire Season 7 – starting with the death of a major character and ending with one.

Episode 1, “Black Widower”

The premiere episode of Season 7 picked up two weeks after Gemma (Katey Sagal) brutally murdered Tara (Maggie Siff) with a carving fork. As Gemma plotted a way to pin the death of her son’s wife on someone else, Jax (Charlie Hunnam) grieved the loss of Tara in jail.

But Jax didn't shed a tear. Instead he mourned in a bloody fashion, taking his aggression out on a fellow inmate by carving a swastika into the prisoner’s chest and pulling out his teeth. Needless to say Jax was fuming with rage, which is why he jumped at the chance to seek vengeance when his mother placed the blame for Tara’s demise in the hands of the Chinese.

Gemma claimed she saw a Chinese man leaving Jax’s house the night of Tara’s murder. And that’s all her son needed to hear before he sharpened his carving fork. (An eye for and eye and a stab for a stab, right?) The brutal killing of Lin’s (Kenneth Choi) man was soundtracked by a haunting cover of “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

As Jax sought out his target, Juice (Theo Rossi) hid from the club in fear that he might be the next one to meet Mr. Mayhem. After Juice betrayed the club, he was sent on his last task to find Gemma – which he did. Juice caught Gemma red-handed in the middle of the murder scene. However, instead of turning the mother of Jax in for killing Tara, he helped her flee, killing an officer in the process. Because of that, Gemma promised to help Juice stay hidden from SAMCRO.

Episode 2, “Toil and Till”

In episode 1, viewers left Juice holding Unser (Dayton Callie) by gunpoint in Wendy’s (Drea de Matteo) apartment. The former police chief had figured out that the club member was hiding in her home and called him out. But instead of a shootout or an arrest, the two decided to work together. Unser essentially tucked Juice under his wing, helping the club member stay out of sight from SAMCRO.

Jax spent episode 2 plotting his revenge against the Chinese for his wife’s murder. His plan: destroy Lin by ruining his finances. This would be followed by a personal, more gruesome form of vendetta. But Jax realized he needed to seek vengeance carefully or else he could upset August Marks (Billy Brown) – one of the most ruthless gun dealers.

The Sons decided to hijack Lin’s shipment. But when Nero (Jimmy Smits) and Lin confronted SAMCRO about their involvement, they claimed that their hands were clean, placing the blame on “local muscle.” In order to make their story sound realistic, the Sons paid the two Indian Hills men a visit where they shot them dead and set up their apartment with heroin and Lin’s gun. It was revealed at the end of the episode that one of the men Jax ordered to be killed was Jury’s son.

In episode 2, Charming’s newest Sheriff, Jarry (Annabeth Gish), decided to bring Unser on as a consulting investigator in the case of Tara’s death.

Episode 3, “Playing with Monsters”

Unser used his friendship with Juice to help him gain intel for his new gig. He promised that if he was able to get Juice face time with a SAMCRO member, Juice would have to give him information on the death of Tara.

Juice agreed and so the bald-headed member was given a chance to talk to Chibs (Tommy Flanagan), who was tricked into the meeting. But Chibs had no kind words to spare to his treacherous former brother. Instead he gave Juice some grim advice. “If I were you, I’d get that gun, put it in my mouth and pull the trigger,” he said.

After the SAMCRO got together, Juice followed through with his end of the deal, telling Unser to pursue the Chinese as prime suspects in the death of Tara.

When SAMCRO’s relationship with Marks began to flounder in episode 3, Jax attempted to make a new ally in Purple. Jax met up with the One-Niners leader Tyler (Mo McRae) to discuss loyalty. In exchange for Tyler’s aid, Jax promised to kill a few of the rebellious One-Niners.

Episode 4, “Poor Little Lambs”                    

The Charming club spent episode 4 tracking down the wife of the recently deceased Pastor Jonathon Haddem. But in order to find his wife, who could help move along a project for Marks, they needed to dig up the body that they previously put in the ground to get his phone.

After they retrieved the cell, the club discovered Haddem had a relationship with Venus (Walter Goggins) prior to his demise. So, the club paid her a visit to get any scoop she could offer. She revealed that Haddem had a lake house, which the Sons decided to visit.

When they arrived to Haddem’s home, the Sons were met with bullets flying (Tig [Kim Coates] is shot during the encounter). Haddem’s wife and stepson, both terrified for their lives, revealed that Marks project is criminal but if they refuse to sign the papers, they’ll be killed.

But the drama didn't end there. After cleaning up the Haddem problem, the Sons face a bigger, bloodier issue when they were followed by two officers during a drug deal with Ron Tully’s (Marilyn Manson) men. One officer is fatally injured while the other barely survives.

The episode ends with Jarry questioning SAMCRO if they had anything to do with the death of her colleague. The Sons deny, deny, deny, but boy is karma a rascal. Jarry’s accusations were put on hold when one of Lin’s men threw a grenade into the room they were chatting in. Bobby (Mark Boone Junior) came to the conclusion that someone must have sold them out to Yellow. But who?

Episode 5, “Some Strange Eruption”

After Lin’s grenade toss and attack on Diosa, the Sons decided to cook up an even more horrific retaliation against the Chinese – and surprisingly enough, Nero’s was on board. Jax revealed to Nero that Lin was behind Tara’s death. And just like that Nero turned his cheek to the peaceful life he was previously trying to live.

With Jax’s words still ringing in his head, Nero told Lin to meet up with the SAMCRO president in order to score back their heroin and finish the Sons off. But it was all just a set up so Jax could beat up Lin for killing Tara. As Lin faced a brutal beating, he cried out that he had nothing to do with the death of Jax’s wife. But Jax’s plan to kill Lin was cut short when he caught wind that a SWAT team was nearby. Instead, the Chinese are booked for multiple gun and drugs charges.

Meanwhile, Juice was still hiding from the club. But instead of taking cover in Wendy’s home, he sought out refugee in a motel. Alone and scared, Juice’s paranoia got the best of him – resulting in the death of a Chinese motel employee who Juice mistakes for one of Lin’s men.

Gemma eventually showed up to whisk Juice away to her father’s home. But instead of heading to Oregon, Gemma opted for a different route as Juice snoozed away in the passenger seat. Thankfully, Juice woke in the nick of time. And because the club member was already on edge, he was able to grab Gemma’s gun before she reached for it first. He pointed the weapon at Jax’s mother but she begged for forgiveness. She said she couldn’t trust him to keep her secret, which is why she was planning on killing him.

Episode 6, “Smoke ‘em if You Got ‘em”

SAMCRO attempted to make up for the botched drug deal with Tully’s men buy concocting a plan that would allow the Aryan Brotherhood to distribute heroin in Stockton while giving the Mayans some new gun business. Jax even found a way for the Sons of profit from this deal, allowing them access to Lin during his current legal predicament.

And the episode only got sweeter for Jax. During a meeting with the Mayans, the SAMCRO president was given a present – or should we say prisoner? After Juice held Gemma at gunpoint he decided to leave her there – in the middle of nowhere. He took her car and drove to the Mayan’s begging for safe passage into Mexico if he gave them intel on the Sons. But the Mayans weren’t interested. Instead they handed the traitor over to Jax who stripped Juice of his cut and put him in a storage closet.

Gemma managed to walk 12 miles to a truck stop dinner where she bonded with a waitress named Gertie (Lea Michele) until Unser picked her up. Unser didn’t believe Gemma’s tale tale of how she wound up near Salt Springs after Juice kicked her out of the car – and rightfully so. Gemma is full of it.

And Unser wasn’t the only one who didn’t buy Gemma’s story. Nero, too, had started to piece together that his old lady has something dark she was hiding from him after she busted into tears when she learned that Jax had Juice in the palm of his hand.

Episode 7, “Greensleeves”

In order for SAMCRO to destroy Marks in episode 7, they needed the pastor’s wife and stepson to comply with their plan of selling out Charming’s big, bad gun lord. But to get them on board with their risky plot, they had to promise to take out a pimp named Greensleeves who was blackmailing their family with footage of the pastor behaving inappropriately with young men at their lake house.

So, Jax and Chibs paid the pimp a visit, which end in bloodshed and a broken window.

Marks, being the clever man he is, figured out what SAMCRO was doing in regards to the destruction of his government housing project and decided to attack the club where it would hurt them the most – by attacking a member of their family. Marks men run Bobby off the road and torture him to make a point to Jax. They send the Sons a box filled with Bobby’s “Redwood Original” patch, along with a video of Marks’ men gutting out one of Bobby’s eyes.

Gemma’s lies were finally catching up to her in episode 7 – and she could feel her world falling apart around her. In a moment of weakness, Gemma confessed her murderous ways to little Thomas. However, the baby wasn’t the only one who witnessed the confession. Gemma had forgotten to shut the door to Thomas’ room, allowing Abel to listen in on her darkest secret.

Episode 8, “The Separation of Crows”

With Bobby in the hands of Marks, Jax was about to call off his entire plan for vengeance. Finally he was starting to understand the consequences to his actions – that is, until Chibs talked him out of it. “The Sons of Anarchy have a duty, brother. A mission. And we need our goddamn leader,” he said.

SAMCRO tried to track down Bobby, but their manhunt seemed useless. Marks promised the club for every 24 hours the Sons refused to give the whereabouts of the pastor’s body and family, he would remove a vital body part of their brother.

But finding Bobby wasn’t the only errand on the son’s list. They were also determined to find out who sold them out to Lin – and all the roads seemed to lead back to Jury.

“I wanted you dead, Jackson. But I’m no rat. I didn’t tell Lin s---,” Jury said after Jax and his crew located the Indian Hill’s president. But Jax wasn’t buying it.

“You had the chance to be something good for this club. Something your old man always wanted. But you turned into everything he hated. You became the poison,” Jury responded, infuriating Jax with the mention of his deceased dad. Ultimately, Jury’s tongue and Jax’s irrational ways led to the death of yet another fan favorite.

Gemma is forced to pick Abel up from school after he hits a classmate over the head with his metal lunchbox. Abel claimed it was an accident, which lead to this thought provoking moment:

Do you understand what an accident is?” Gemma questioned her grandson.

Do you?” he fired back.

After the lives of Jax’s sons were threatened by Marks, he decided to deliver the pastor’s body but refrained from giving up the locations of the pastor’s wife and stepson. This angered Marks, and so the Sons received another gift packaged, this time filled with the gift of Bobby’s fingers.

Episode 9, “What a Piece of Work Is Man”

Jax and Marks had finally come to terms with a deal that would free a fingerless, one-eyed Bobby. If Jax turned over the pastor’s body, gave him the video of the pastor’s sex life, and let Marks talk to the pastor’s stepson, then Bobby would be free to go.

But before the deal went down, Marks made sure Bobby’s jaw was broken so he couldn’t talk – or tell his brothers that a gun was stashed down the back of his pants. This gun was ultimately used to kill Bobby in one of the most heartbreaking scenes in “Sons of Anarchy” history.

Jax went home to grieve and spend time with his family, which is when he learned about Abel’s frustration.

“He’s 5 years old,” Jax said to Wendy. “He shouldn’t be frustrated.”

But little does Jax know his eldest son had just overheard his grandmother confess her crime once again to Bobby’s dead body.

Episode 10, “Faith and Despondency”

The episode 10 synopsis teased that love would be in the air for SAMCRO – and boy, the FX summary wasn’t joking around. The opening scene featured six sex scenes (and one rape), but that certainly wasn’t the most thrilling aspect of the installment.

“Faith and Despondency” featured SAMCRO getting revenge for Bobby’s death, saving the life of the one officer who survived the drug deal shootout and Jax learning the truth behind Tara’s death.

After Jax told Abel that Wendy was his real mother, his son questioned if that’s why Gemma killed his other mom.

“Is Wendy my first mommy ‘cause I came out of her tummy?” he asked his father.

“Yeah. That’s right,” Jax responded.

“So, it that why Grandma killed my other mommy? So my first mommy could be here with me?” Abel said, stunning his father.

Episode 11, “Suits of Woe”

The episode picks up moments after Abel’s revealed to his father the truth about Tara’s murder. This sent Jax on a wild hunt for anyone to confirm his son’s story.

Originally Jax tracked down Unser. But all he had to offer the SAMCRO president was this little piece of advice: “If you gave a s--- about Tara, maybe you’d spend a little less time being a thug, and a little more time being a dad.”

In addition to giving Jax the cold hard truth, which resulted in Unser getting punched in the face, he did tell Jax that the man Gemma pinned the murder on wasn’t even in the state at the time Tara was murdered. Jax, started to panic – and rightfully so. Did his mother really kill his wife?

In a state of desperation, Jax decided to reach out to Juice. Jax was convinced that Juice’s odd connection with his mother might be able to help solve the case once and for all. After all, the former member did help find out who really betrayed the Sons (it wasn’t Jury) and killed Lin after getting his confession on video.

When Jax finally arrived for his one-on-one with Juice, the prisoner dished the whole truth about what happened the night Tara die in one of the most intense “Sons of Anarchy” scenes.

“Thank you for telling me the truth,” Jax said to Juice, after he confirmed Abel’s statement. “I’ll make sure it’s quick.”

Gemma fled Charming when she learned what went down between Juice and Jax and called Nero to meet her in the town where she grew up. It was there Nero received a phone call from Jax regarding who really killed Tara.

“Is that true?” Nero asked Gemma. And with a simply nod of the head Gemma and Nero’s relationship was over. But a break up was the least of Gemma’s problems. Jax continued to track down his mother down to put a bullet in her brain.

Nero tried to sway Jax, telling him that killing his mother "destory" him. “[That's a] wound that’s too deep to heal. That’s going to swallow you up. That’s going to destroy you, man," he said.

Episode 12, “Red Rose”

After Jax and the rest of SAMCRO have learned the truth about who really killed Gemma, they faced the consequences for their actions (i.e.. killing innocent lives, including a brother). The death of Jury means Jax’s fate is now in the hands of the other Presidents – and honestly, Jax’s future looked pretty grim. Especially when he promised the other chapter President’s that his brothers would vote the right way. Did Jax just promise to meet Mr. Mayhem?

Jax then meet up with Unser in episode 12 to explain what really happened to Tara – that is, if Unser had Jarry drop charges against him. Unser agreed and so he learned what Gemma had done.

Gemma spent “Red Rose” paying a visit to her father. A tidbit Jax learned when Wendy mentioned that she received a phone call to become the new conservator (a position Tara previously held). Jax immediately packed his bags for Oregon.

While Jax hit the road, Juice approached Tully for a favor. The former club member handed a scalpel to Tully under the table with the request that he let him finish his pie first before being killed. After Juice’s last bite, Tully’s men cause a distraction so Juice can be killed in the prison.

Juice wasn’t the only one to meet Mr. Mayhem in episode 12. Unser was also killed by Jax when he attempted to interfere in Jax’s revenge-ridden plan. With Unser out of the way, Jax and Gemma were allowed to have a final mother/son moment. After discussing fond memories, Gemma lead her son out into the garden where she loved to play as a child. Initially, Jax struggled with pulling the trigger, but his mother’s calming words eventually helped him complete the bloody act.

What do you think will happen in episode 13, “Papa’s Goods”? Sound off in the comments section below with your “Sons of Anarchy” predictions before the final ride Tuesday, Dec. 9, at 10 p.m. EST on FX.