Looks like the boys of SAMCRO just got an extension on their final ride. According to Kurt Sutter, mastermind behind the recently concluded motorcycle drama “Sons of Anarchy,” fans might get to see their favorite leather-donning bad boys once again in a “SoA” spinoff.

The creator dished to E! Online the future plans he has in store for the Redwood Originals. "I've had really…nothing concrete," he explained, "but I know (FX President John) Landgraf really wants to do it and we'll figure out a way to make that happen."

Sutter and Landraf aren’t the only ones on board with continuing the “SoA” storyline. According to E! Online, showrunner Paris Barclay is also interested in a potential spinoff – and he already has an idea what the upcoming series will be about!

“If there’s ever gonna be a spinoff, let’s do it with Chucky (Michael Ornstein,” Barclay said during an interview with Entertainment Weekly. The showrunner then elaborated to E! Online what a Chucky-based show would look like. "To see the story from the perspective of the handless, masturbating creature that is Chucky who became more mature and real as the story went on, that would be awesome. Maybe they could get the ice cream shop back and set him up there. That would be very intriguing to me," he said.

Intriguing indeed! But if a show surrounding Chucky doesn’t tickle your fancy, don’t fret. Barclay and Sutter have cooked up more potential  “SoA” spinoff ideas -- including a prequel plotline that has already received raving reviews from fans.

"I never really saw [a spinoff] as a full-on series because when you start doing that, I want to honor this mythology we created and I didn't want to step on it, so I think I like the idea of it being a one-off and perhaps just to establish how the club was formed and let it go at that," Sutter explained to E! Online. "So we can see the roots of the club and I see it as a different show in terms of I don't think it will be as pulpy…I feel it will be a little more, I don't want to say a historical show, but it takes place in the ‘60s and it's Vietnam, so there's a lot of iconic events happenings around it that influence John Teller.”

Sutter continued that this is a storyline he felt as though “SoA” fans would truly appreciate. “I think the die-hard fans will plug into that and I think maybe because if it's tonally, it'll be a little different, that perhaps that we bring in new viewers as well."

Would you be interested in watching a “Sons of Anarchy” prequel? Sound off in the comments section below with your thoughts on a spinoff of the FX series.