At a recent event held for 20 UK developers of games by Sony, the company tried to persuade them to serve up cross-platform releases for NGP (Next generation Portable) i.e. games that can be played simultaneously on PS3, according to

Sony has tried to position NGP as a device that compliments the PS3 rather than just be an addendum to it. The company has also declared that PS3 games will be able to run on NGP without any graphical changes.

Earlier with PSP, Sony faced criticism for having the same lineup of games as its PS2 console.

There are rumours of cloud saving being introduced with NGP which means that gamers can switch from either platform on wifi and will have the option of saving the games also. In short, if the home console is on standby with a game then you can access the same game though the NGP via wifi.

The whole purpose of the meet is to persuade the developers to take advantage of the new specs in NGP and develop cross platform games with these extras. NGP is set for release later this year.

Insiders are also worried that the new smartphones may just turn the NGP redundant, but Sony seems to be confident of the specs on its device and with the games available remotely in HD, it may not have much to worry about.