Sony Corporation on Tuesday unveils its new line of HD Handycam camcorders, HDR-CX520V and HDR-CX500V with advanced new optics technology, built-in GPS and NAVTEQ digital maps.

Its camcorders features a new backlit CMOS sensor display, a 1920x1080 high-definition video that offers up to 12-megapixel zoom lens on a 64GB or 32GB internal flash memory, respectively, and enables up to 25 hours of HD video on low-power mode.

“These models combine the best in digital imaging technology, strengthening Sony’s industry leadership and meeting demand for both quality camcorders and HD video,” said Kelly Davis, director of the camcorder business for Sony Electronics.

It has enhanced touch-based face detection also and has the capability to upconvert to 60p playback when connected to a TV via HDMI and in-camcorder downconverting to MPEG-2 for direct-to-DVD transfers and features include built-in zoom microphone with Dolby Digital 5.1-channel surround sound system.

The HDR-CX500V and HDR-CX520V will be available on September at prices start $1,100 for the lower capacity and $1,300 for the longest-running model.