Sony has announced that all remaining PlayStation Network gaming and online store services are to be fully restored this Friday June 3.  All will be back to normal except for Asia's Japan, South Korea, and Hong Kong regions, which will miss out on the restoration. 

The Asian regions will have to wait until the weekend until Sony can fully confirm an online launch due to protective measures for credit card transactions and users.  No official date has been given for Asia's restoration.  The online restoration will include its PlayStation 3 Qriocity services, PC's, and VAIO laptops.

It has been three weeks since the sophisticated online hack that breached Sony's PSN which affected over 76 million users.  Sony's big trek back to securing customer loyalty and trust begins with a Welcome Back downloadable package which will be added onto other freebies that was previously offered to PlayStation Network users affected from the outage. 

PlayStation announced on its blog about the network's return schedule and a Welcome back offer that will be available soon.

The PlayStation Store is back online and thank you everyone for your patience. You will notice a huge lineup of new downloadable games, demos, add-on content, themes, avatars and videos. Also, PlayStation Plus has been updated with new full game trials, free games and DLC, free avatars and even more discounts.

You may have noticed that the content promised as part of the Welcome Back offer is not yet live. It is currently in the final stages of testing and will be available to download soon; we'll be sure to let you know when.

The next PlayStation Store and PlayStation Plus update will be this Friday, June 3, and then we will roll right into some special publishes starting next week for E3 (so be sure to check back daily!), wrote Grace Chen, Director of PlayStation Store.