Sony PlayStation Network (PSN) is hot issue again, and this time Sony doesn’t have malicious hackers to redirect the wrath of furious customers.

On Tuesday, Sony took down the page where returning online players had to reset their password before getting back online after learning the possibility that hackers could use their stolen personal information to reset the original owner's password and get access.

Only email address and date of birth was necessary to reset the password, which were among the information that hackers could have got their hands on last month.

This security hole was first reported by gaming bloc, who contacted Sony and demonstrated the exploit. After the review, Sony made the password reset page unavailable. In the mean time, Nyleveia made a suggestion to the players to create a brand new email for the PlayStation Network.

According to Patrick Seybold's post in the PlayStation Blog, the security hole has been fixed and the site will be reactivated soon.

While Seybold said, “there was no hack involved”, it is plausible that a third party could have already manipulated the players' accounts. A further announcement or an exact date on returning the password-reset page is not available at the moment