The IFA 2015 event is nearing its close, and many OEMs are expected to showcase their devices. There has been no news about any new Sony handsets so far, but now, a new report from Germany states that Sony is gearing up to launch two high-end smartphones, the Sony Xperia S60 and Sony Xperia S70.

According to the credible German site WinFuture, Sony will announce two high-end smartphones just before the IFA 2015 event, scheduled for September. The Xperia S60 and Xperia S70 will be the new series of handsets, similar to the Xperia Z, Xperia T, Xperia E, Xperia C lineup.

Both the Xperia S60 and Xperia S70 will come equipped with 32 GB of built-in storage capacity. Other than the memory configuration, no other details are available at this point. But then, Phone Arena says, dealers in Europe acknowledged that the aforesaid Xperia S series will be released sometime in the middle of August. The date could be Aug. 18, says WinFuture.

The Sony Xperia S70 will set buyers back between $853 and $919. Both new devices are believed to be high-end smartphones with cutting-edge configurations on board.

The Xperia S60 will be made available in white, black, yellow and coral. The Xperia S70, on the other hand, will come in white, black, gold and green. Sony has not confirmed the existence of the Xperia S60 and S70 thus far.

In the meantime, Sony has recently released the flagship Xperia Z3+ in the U.S. Buyers can purchase the device from Amazon’s official Website. A dual-SIM international variant of the Z3+ is also available in Amazon.

What do you think of the Sony Xperia S60 and Xperia S70? After releasing the new Xperia Z3+/Z4, should Sony be concentrating on high-end devices again? Feel free to leave a comment.