Germany is still searching for the culprit in the recent E. coli outbreak.  

First they thought it was Spanish cucumbers-That allegation stands to cost Spain's agricultural sector almost $300 million, particularly in Spain's economically lagging South.

Now Germany is looking within its own borders for the roots of this lethal virus.

Although the virus has spread to 13 countries, all but one of the 22 deaths and the majority of the 2,200 infections resulting from the tainted produce are based in Germany.

Germany recently announced that the virus more than likely originated in sprouts grown to the nation's North. After testing the sprouts, they found that 23 of 40 samples were negative for the virus.

While Germany searches for the source of the fatalities in what has become a global pandemic, the effects are becoming more widespread.

The United States has seen nearly 100 infections resulting from the outbreak, primarily in people who have recently visited Germany.