The South Africa government on Friday suspended the team that was representing the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector in the planning process for the 2010 soccer world cup.

Some of the members were raising issues that were not part of the 2010 agenda. It became clear that they were not there about the 2010 games and were using their participation to try to influence other policies, said Rosey Sekese, department of communications deputy director general.

He added that some of the committee members were laying the groundwork to benefit their companies, rather than giving advice that is in the best interest of the country.

The team was involved in investigating different issues such as how South Africa will benefit from the ICT infrastructure deployed as part of the soccer governing body Federation of International Football Association (FIFA) guarantees.

Sekese said that the ICT sector will continue with its work and will not be affected by the suspension of its representative sub-committee.

We are reviewing the committee to see how the ICT sector can still add value to the process, without compromising South Africa's delivery, said Rosey Sekese.