After what was expected to be a commanding victory for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the South Carolina primary Saturday, Clinton and her challenger, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, will deliver remarks to voters in the state before they continue on toward Super Tuesday.  Clinton has held large leads in Palmetto State polling for the past year.

You can watch Hillary Clinton’s speech live right here , and Sanders’ speech right here. The two Democratic presidential candidates will next face off on Super Tuesday, when 21 percent of the delegates available will be allocated. Twelve predominantly southern states will take to the polls then to decide which candidate they prefer, and Clinton is leading in polls in all but two of those states.

South Carolina would be the third win for Clinton after a narrow victory in Iowa and then a roughly 5 percent margin over Sanders in the Nevada caucuses. Sanders has only come out ahead in the New Hampshire primary when he beat the former secretary of state by a nearly historic number of votes.

Though the states so far have divvied up delegates proportionally, Clinton has a healthy lead on Sanders when superdelegates are included. Those delegates,  elites in the Democratic Party including former and current presidents as well as members of Congress, boost Clinton’s delegate count to 505 over Sanders’ 71 so far.

In addition to leads in most of the Super Tuesday states, Clinton has also kept ahead in averages of national polls. She attracts 5 percent more support than Sanders nationwide, with 47.2 percent of Real Clear Politics averages compared to Sanders’ 42.2 percent.

Primaries and caucuses will be held through June 7 when California, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Dakota and South Dakota will finally have a say in who becomes the Democratic nominee.