“South Park” is famous for making parody episodes on current hot topics, and season 17 won’t be any different. Creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker are preparing for next Wednesday's premiere of their Comedy Central cartoon and have released a trailer video to get fans psyched.

The promo video doesn’t feature any actual footage from the coming season of “South Park,” but it does give viewers a taste of what to expect. At 16 seconds, the teaser crams every major headline from the past few months into one head-spinning mess.

What do Syria, Edward Snowden, George Zimmerman, Ariel Castro and the Miley Cyrus VMA twerking fiasco all have in common? “South Park” will be “going there” when it returns Sept. 25.

Season 17 of “South Park” was initially supposed to air in the spring, but was delayed until this fall. While most seasons have consisted of 14 episodes, this season was sliced to 10. And while the cutback is bound to displease fans, they can at least take comfort that the 10 episodes won’t be interrupted by a mid-season break.

Watch the trailer video for “South Park” season 17 below and let us know your thoughts on the hilarious antics to come.