New footage of the crash-landing of Southwest Airlines Flight 345 at LaGuardia Airport has been released.

Filmed from inside the plane, the video above shows the moment the plane landed on the runway and passengers' reactions following the impact.

"There's smoke in here!" says one passenger. Another woman requests that passengers remain in their seats. The skid of the plane against the runway can be heard as the plane comes to the halt. 

According to officials, the Boeing 737's front landing gear collapsed as the plane touched down in New York. Six passengers were taken to the hospital with minor injuries and 10 passengers were treated at the crash scene. 

New York Port Authority Acting Director of Aviation Thomas Bosco told the Associated Press that there was no warning signal leading up to the plane landing. 

Before departing for New York, the flight was delayed in Nashville, Tenn. According to the Huffington Post, a passenger said that an announcement was made that there was problem with one of the plane's tires.

Flight data and the cockpit voice recorders are currently being examined by the National Transportation Safety Board. 

There were a total of 150 passengers on the plane, according to Southwest.