Leigh Steinberg, one of the country's leading sport agents spoke Wednesday on The Early Show about Tiger Woods sponsorships and the advice he would give Woods if he were his agent.

Steinberg, told co-anchor, Harry Smith, advertisers are not yet ready to back away because they have so much money invested in this brand.

This is the best-known athlete in the world. And he has been a family man and had this incredible image. But, this won't last long if it keeps going, Steinberg added.

When Smith asked Steinberg what advice he would give to Woods if he were in charge of Woods' image or his agent, Steinberg responded,  (I'd tell him) to get out in front of this story.

The American people love the fall of the high-and-mighty, but they also love a comeback story. He needs to get out front with all the facts and make a public apology to the relevant people, so that the healing can begin and he can put this behind him. Otherwise it will eat him alive.

Steinberg has represented hundreds of big name athletes in the past.

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