New Sprint phones are near release as the carrier readies the Samsung Galaxy Nexus for a rumored April 15 launch. Sprint customers waited four years for the iPhone, and they're about to get a small taste of what larger carriers are more accustomed to. No less than three new premium handsets could get the green light over the next two months. It's practically a holiday for Sprint customers because not only are the new phones close to their debut, but the company is finally building it's high-speed data network called LTE.

When the Galaxy Nexus debuts, it will run on Sprint's currant 3G network, but once the LTE system is ready in the six or so cities it will launch in, it will fly on 4G. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is also rumored to be LTE capable, and that is a logical step because the popular Samsung Galaxy S2 is not LTE-ready. Android 4.0 should also be included in the Galaxy S3, but it will be a blend of Samsung's own TouchWiz software and Ice Cream Sandwich. Galaxy Nexus, however, will feature the Android 4.0 system with no manufacturer skin.

It's what Android enthusiasts refer to as pure Google. If you liked the software on the Galaxy S2, then you're liable to also enjoy what the Galaxy S3 will bring as well. We don't have a release date or price yet for the Galaxy S3, but it could be near $250 on contract. Begin the slideshow to see how these two monster phones stack up. Tell us in the comments if you're a Samsung aficionado or if you're waiting for one of the HTC One series phones to hit Sprint.

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